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Last Updated: December 19, 2014
November was the big month of deals, but there's still a lot going on through Christmas. We'll be updating pretty frequently this month as well.
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October 31, 2014: Added a deal on our favorite multi-bit screwdriver.
October 27, 2014: No more stand mixer deal. Sorry!
October 24, 2014: Added a new deal on a nice stand mixer.
October 22, 2014: That shovel deal expired.
October 17, 2014: Added a new deal on our runner-up pick for best snow shovel.
October 14, 2014: That L.L. Bean coupon code expired.
October 13, 2014: Added a 10% off sale at L.L. Bean.
October 8, 2014: Removed an old deal.
October 3, 2014: Just added a new deal on our favorite bike lock.
September 15, 2014: That Breville deal expired over the weekend.
September 5, 2014: Added a deal on our step-up pick for best instant thermometer.
August 22, 2014: Removed an expired deal and added a new deal on our favorite soda maker set.
July 11, 2014: The Norelco razor deal expired.
July 8, 2014: The L.L. Bean deal expired.
June 30, 2014: Added a deal on one of our favorite electric kettles.
June 12, 2014: Added a deal on our favorite juicer.
June 2, 2014: Added a great deal on one of our favorite electric kettles.
May 22, 2014: Added a sitewide 10%-off coupon for LL Bean.
May 20, 2014: jojojo
May 15, 2014: Added a site-wide 20% off sale at
May 9, 2014: Added a deal on an add-on for our favorite blender.
May 8, 2014: Added a deal on the Bonavita kettle this morning and it's already gone.
May 1, 2014: Added a deal for SmartWool socks.
April 26, 2014: Added a great deal on one of our favorite kettles.
April 17, 2014: Added a 10% off deal for the Nest Learning Thermostat.
April 11, 2014: Just added the Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven at its lowest price ever.
April 8, 2014: Welp, the stand mixer is gone. Running low on home deals right now unfortunately. I think I'll have to double down on searching for some.
April 7, 2014: This KitchenAid Stand Mixer deal only lasts through the end of the day today.
March 24, 2014: Today there's a price drop on our favorite fridge and our favorite welding gloves.
March 24, 2014: We found a deep discount for our favorite BBQ gloves.
March 18, 2014: Added a deal on our favorite dish soap.
March 17, 2014: Removed a couple of expired deals, but unfortunately haven't found anything to add recently.
March 6, 2014: Got a new price drop on the DC44, which is great.
February 18, 2014: Quite a few expired deals, but I think the price on this Rowenta Focus is pretty great.
February 13, 2014: Had quite a few deals the last couple days. Feel like it's Christmas all over again! Just added our favorite digital scale at a lower price.
February 11, 2014: The 20% off sale from L.L. Bean has expired, but here's a pretty decent discount on our favorite Robot Vacuum.
February 10, 2014: Hope you got that knife set when it was low because it just popped back up to $90!
February 7, 2014: Just added a great deal on our newest recommendation for bed sheets.
February 6, 2014: Just added a new deal on our favorite budget knife set.
January 28, 2014: Sorry friends, that Roomba deal expired.
January 23, 2014: Added a new deal on one of our favorite robot vacuum cleaners.
January 10, 2014: I haven't seen a lot of home product deals since the new year, but we've got a cool trade-in deal for you if you aren't exactly a Starbucks fan but you do love coffee.
December 9, 2013: We're still working extra hard to find as many deals as we can during the holiday season. Keep checking back with us and follow us on Twitter, and we'll try to keep you up-to-date.
December 5, 2013: Removed the Nest deal as it had expired.
December 4, 2013: We removed the expired Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer deal
November 19, 2013: We're going to see a lot more deals showing up on this page (hopefully) as Black Friday comes and goes.
November 12, 2013: Our favorite food processor just dropped in price even more. Nice.
November 7, 2013: Added our favorite food processor back down to a good price.
October 21, 2013: That Best Buy promotional deal finally expired, but Home Depot has a nice deal on a drill we like.
October 7, 2013: That pruner jumped back to normal price. Hope you grabbed it!
October 3, 2013: Got a nice deal on a pair of heavy duty pruners if you have any shrubs around.
October 2, 2013: Added a great all-encompassing 20% off promo code from Best Buy. You can use it online or in-store.
October 1, 2013: That Cuisinart Food Processor price drop already expired.
September 26, 2013: Patagonia's past season sale is back, and the Nano Puff Pullover is down to $84.
September 25, 2013: Added a great deal on the Braun Series 7 shaver system.
September 24, 2013: That great knife set jumped back up in price so I had to remove it.
September 17, 2013: Removed the Dyson vacuum deal, which jumped in price quite a bit over night.
September 11, 2013: Added a great deal on our favorite budget storage container.
September 6, 2013: Added a new deal on our favorite fan!
September 5, 2013: That army knife deal from eBay finally expired. So did our pillow deal from yesterday. However, I've added a new deal on the Dyson DC44 Animal vacuum.
September 4, 2013: Just added a new deal on pillows we really like but haven't told you about yet.
September 3, 2013: The deal on the Delta faucet expired. Will keep a look out for new deals.
August 26, 2013: Amazon is having a 15% off sale on Delta products right now, and that includes our favorite shower head.
August 20, 2013: Added a nice discount on our favorite programmable thermostat.
August 15, 2013: Added a past-gear sale from Patagonia.
August 13, 2013: Our air conditioner actually dropped a few more bucks recently.
August 12, 2013: The deals on our favorite grills expired.
August 8, 2013: Found a great low price on our favorite portable vacuum.
August 6, 2013: Today we've got some of the lowest deals ever on two of our favorite grills.
July 31, 2013: Just added a deal for 100 trash bags for $10.
July 26, 2013: Just added a new deal on a well-liked Cuisinart Food Processor.
July 25, 2013: I removed the Le Creuset deal as it is no longer available. I added a great drop on our favorite air conditioner and a great 30% off sale at Patagonia.
July 17, 2013: I removed a lot of deals that had expired, but I found the Le Creuset French Ovens at a great discount.
July 16, 2013: That Dyson deal expired, so I took it off.
July 15, 2013: I added a new deal for a Dyson personal space heater and fan.
July 14, 2013: Added two new deals, one for our favorite portable vacuum and one for a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife set.
July 11, 2013: I added a new deal for an ice cream maker and removed an old one for a Breville toaster oven.
July 9, 2013: I removed an expired deal for Kingsford charcoal briquettes.
July 8, 2013: I removed a deal for the Lodge Logic. See a great deal? Email me.
July 2, 2013: Removed a deal for KitchenAid Mixers and added a great deal for a refurbished Breville Smart Oven. See a great deal? Email me.
June 24, 2013: Removed an expired Home Depot deal for a Ryobi ONE+ drill/driver duo, and added a deal for the BOB Revolution SE.
June 20, 2013: I added two new deals, for a Cuisinart ice cream maker and a Metrokane Rabbit corkscrew.
June 19, 2013: I removed an expired Kiehl's 20%-off coupon.
June 14, 2013: I removed an expired discount for a Philips Norelco razor, and added a 20% off coupon for Kiehl's.
June 13, 2013: I removed an expired deal for a roadside car kit.
June 12, 2013: I added a Woot! deal for a roadside car kit.
June 11, 2013: Looks like Target's got Walmart beat this time: I removed the Walmart deal for a KitchenAid Classic Plus and added a new one from Target, where all KitchenAid's stand mixer lines are on discount.
June 10, 2013: I added a new deal for coffee-lovers: a free AeroPress coffee maker for new Tonx subscribers, through Fathers' Day.

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A note from the editor: The holiday season has arrived, and that screaming you hear is the sound of Internet users everywhere becoming inundated with holiday “deals.” And, as you may know from experience, most of those deals don’t actually result in any kind of savings. In fact, according to our research so far only 0.6% of the 66,000 deals we’ve studied since early November are actually a good deal on a good piece of gear. The New York Times talked to us about how we find and screen deals before posting them on our sites; Our attitude is dictated by a general idea — if we wouldn’t buy it ourselves or tell our friends and family to do so, we won’t list it. If the price or the item itself is not good, we won’t list it. Read more here about our philosophy on holiday deals and why we strive to be the pickiest on the Internet.

If you’re looking for deals on gadgets and technology, see our list over at The Wirecutter.

Pottery Barn Hydrocotton Towels

Street Price: $25 MSRP: $25 Deal Price: $20 

Normally $25, this is the first time we've seen the price drop on these towels.

We haven’t seen these towels go on sale before, so this is the first time we’re seeing them at this price.

This is our new favorite towel. They’re very soft, made from Oeko-Tex certified hydrocotton that absorbed five times its weight in water but managed to become 87% dry after six hours—as quickly as super thin, cheap towels. It has a mid-range GSM of 564 but remain lightweight yet luxuriously plush.

Writer Melissa Tan said, “The namesake ‘hydrocotton’ isn’t a variety of cotton but rather a name for zero-twist cotton threads (as opposed to tightly twisted yarns). This method of towel construction is what gives these towels their lightweight loft, supersoft texture (otherwise known as the fabric’s “hand”) and impressive drying abilities.” Permalink

Royal Velvet 400 Thread Count Sheet Set

Street Price: $140 (queen) MSRP: $140 (queen) Deal Price: $56 with promo code SNOWMAN 

These performed very similarly to our overall best pick, and $56 is a great deal, especially if you prefer sateen over percale.

This deal is back. The price has gone down a few times to $48, but this is the second-lowest price we’ve seen. The queen sheet set is on sale for $70, plus a 20% off coupon code (SNOWMAN) for a total of $56 with free shipping.

These are not our pick for the best sheets, but they are our recommendation for people who prefer sateen as a material over percale. Melissa Tan said these sheets performed pretty similarly to our main pick during testing and added, “Many sateens can prove clingy because of their smooth drape, but these sheets remained light and breathable throughout the night. They’re also incredibly soft and almost slippery both out of the bag and after washing.”

Tan also said of the trademarked Wrinkle-Guard feature, “Nothing is truly wrinkle-free, but these sheets come surprisingly close… if you can manage to remove these sheets from the dryer and fold them or make your bed right away, it’s pretty impressive.”

These sheets have 4.7 stars based on 2,067 user reviews at JCPenney. permalink

Alberta Baffled Down Comforter

Street Price: $340 (queen) MSRP: $340 (queen) Deal Price: $255 with code N14CYBER 

This is going to be a runner-up comforter pick for us, but this price really sets it apart for the moment.

As far as I am able to tell, this is the lowest price I’ve ever seen on this comforter. It’s hard to track since it’s coming from a unique site, but this seems like a pretty good deal that won’t last the night. The Company Store has a great 90-day return policy and the comforter itself comes with a lifetime warranty. This comforter is on back order so it won’t be in stock again until December 12, but you can take advantage of this great sale now while the promo code N14CYBER is still active.

We’re about to update our down comforter guide, in part because our favorite comforter (then and now), the LL Bean Baffled Box Comforter, is constantly going out of stock. This is our new runner up from The Company Store. It’s almost exactly the same as the LLBean comforter, but it’s a bit heavier and a touch cooler, with a premium, soft shell that meets Oeko-Tex’s environmentally-friendly standards.

Eric Hansen calls the Alberta a “moderately lofty 600-fill-power comforter. It felt a couple degrees cooler when sleeping, so it’s a good choice for someone who sleeps a touch warm.” Baffles provide a bit more warmth, with good stitching and seams. The main reason it isn’t as good as the L.L. Bean is that the Alberta is not as feather-light as the L.L. Bean, and it’s also not as warm.

The Alberta Baffled Down Comforter comes in three warmths. We suggest the medium warmth. permalink

GE 1,200-Watt Countertop Microwave White

Street Price: $170 MSRP: $170 Deal Price: $129 

This is the white version of our favorite microwave at the lowest price I've ever seen.

Looks like Lowe’s is running some clearance sales on the less popular versions of our favorite microwave. The white version is really cheap at $129. That’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen, and it definitely beats out other retailers like Home Depot where it’s $170 and Sears where it’s $240. The shipping is free but you’ll probably pay some tax.

Like I said, the stainless steel version of this microwave is our best recommendation. Ganda Suthivarakom said she likes it because it has “a roomy interior with a 16-inch turntable that’s big enough to handle a 13×9 baking dish with handles with room to spare or two side plates. If all you want is to press Add 30 Seconds until your food is done, this is a great model with quick, even cooking.”

On Lowe’s, the white version has 4.5 stars based on 185 customer reviews. permalink

More about our deal process: When I’m looking for deals, I start with deal-gathering sites like and, curating all the dozens of deals that come in each week to filter out the gems, and eliminate the deals that really aren’t doing anyone any good. It’s more than just putting time into sorting through lists; it’s also about finding the items that were probably worth buying before they were ever on sale because a deal isn’t really a deal if the product still isn’t very good. I run the deals by the senior writers at The Sweethome and check user and editorial reviews before checking with and other price tracking tools to see if the price will likely drop or if it has been lower in the past. In the end, I’m left with just a few really good deals. Fewer than many other sites would have youbelieve.
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Originally published: December 19, 2014

  • Alexei S

    it seems the Delta deal is over… it shows at $159 on Amazon.

    • Matt Groener

      Look closely. I just bought it last night and the price is taken at checkout only.

  • mce

    The ‘less expensive but still great recommendation’ Snapware Total Solution glass food storage containers is on sale at Costco as of 9/5 for $23.99. This is $6 off the regular price and $21 off the Amazon price.

    • J.D. Levite

      So… I don’t see that. At least, not online. Did you see this in-store? If it was online could you provide a link?

      • mce

        It’s an in-store only deal. You can see the ad here: It’s buried in about the 18th row on the far left.

        • J.D. Levite

          Thanks! Always appreciate the deal-finding help!

        • idlewild

          Do I need a Costco membership to buy these in store?

          • J.D. Levite

            Yah, that’s generally how Costco works. In fact, some don’t let you in unless you have your membership card (although this isn’t really enforced from what I’ve seen.)

          • Actionable_Mango

            A loophole to the membership requirement is to buy Costco Gift Cards. You can make purchases with those without a membership.

          • J.D. Levite

            Nice tip!

  • sygyzy

    Out of stock at Best Buy. The nearest 10 stores to me all have “unavailable” stock.

  • mce

    The Cuisinart Food Processor has dropped to $162 (from $179):

    • J.D. Levite

      Someone’s making a bid for my job I see… Just kidding. You can’t have it. We’re writing this one up, too, but like I’m putting in the write-up, it’s not the lowest price it’s ever been. I just think because it’s been around so long, you can make a case that it’s a decent deal because it’s one of the best prices it has been recently. But if you’re patient, you’re probably better off waiting a couple months for the holidays because that’s when products like this drop more (down to $150 last Black Friday).

      • mce

        Nah, I have a job I like just fine! I use Ookong for to monitor stuff I want to get eventually, so it notifies me of price drops. I just like to be helpful so it only takes a minute to give you a heads up. Before I knew how to find stuff on my own, I benefited from people sharing these kind of deals, so I’m just paying it forward. Now you have to think of that terrible Helen Hunt/Haley Joel Osment movie.

        • J.D. Levite

          That poor kid. Could’ve been a star but someone told him Helen Hunt was a good actress.

          And no worries, I like the heads-up. I like that the readers get involved in the discussion and post about the deals they want to see. So keep it going, I say.

          How accurate is Ookong? You like it? I use a couple of different ones myself, but I particularly like Camelcamelcamel. Accurate, fast, separates third party vendors… very good. was good cause it tracked multiple retailers at once but they sold to eBay and are shutting down.

          • mce

            I like Ookong pretty well, but I have to adjust the notifications or else I get pinged like crazy every time something changes by an insignificant amount. I also use the InvisibleHand extension to let me know if it’s cheaper somewhere else. I’ll have to check out that Humpday one you recommended.

  • mce

    The best shower caddy is $22.49 ($7.50 savings) at Macy’s until 10/6:

    • J.D. Levite

      Unfortunately at Macy’s you can only get free shipping with orders $99 or more. Costs me $10 shipping. Amazon’s $30 caddy plus free shipping is cheaper.

      • mce

        Oh, well I was just planning to go to the Macy’s a few blocks from my house!

        • J.D. Levite

          Ah, yah, if you can get it in-store it’s a good deal.

  • idlewild

    Ryobi make crap drills. Check out Makita, Bosch, Festool and even Milwaukee FUEL. The only thing comparable to a Ryobi would be a DeWalt. Ugh.

    • McGillis

      I used to work for Ryobi/Ridgid/Milwaukee…The drill isn’t bad, but the batteries are awful. If you get longer than two years use out of them you’re lucky.

      In my opinion, a homeowner would be much better served with a 12v Milwaukee/DeWalt/Makita/Bosch product. Lighter weight, better batteries, can do 90% of the things your 18v drill does. M12 system from Milwaukee would be my reco.

  • idlewild

    The Ryobi drill is a POS.

  • Bill Stigler

    The Fiesta 10.5″ Dinner Plate is available at Amazon for $9.99 and eligible for free shipping at $35 total or Amazon Prime if you have it. But first you have to know the trick to getting this price. If you search for “Fiesta 10.5″ Dinner Plate”, you’ll land on the page offering the item from – an Amazon subsidiary – or some other 3rd party supplier for 11.99 + 5.99 shipping. But look down to the lower right under “More Buying Choices” and you’ll likely see Amazon itself at the top of the list. (I say “likely” because I don’t think this deal will last forever.) Click on the Amazon option to get the single item plate 9.99 plus free shipping or Prime. Go to your cart to up the count to, say, four and you’ll get free shipping for 39.96 total.

    I’m not sure this will work for all colors but it did for my choice of tangerine. Also, when I followed the link to Macy’s, it was also down to 9.99. (So I’m guessing here that Amazon and Macy’s are in a price war on this item till at least Dec 2nd.) However, I didn’t stick around long enough to see the shipping charges. And in my state, there would be a hefty sales tax as well if you attempt in-store pick-up so Amazon is the better deal by far.

  • Bill Stigler

    Yesterday at my local Costco, I noticed the Philips Norelco 1250X SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor is on sale at 109.99 + tax, which should bring it up to about $123. (In my state, sales tax is applied on the original retail price – $139, in this case.) This deal is good till Dec 1st. So for a few bucks more than Amazon, you might be able to get it locally with the great return policy that Costco is famous for, if that’s what you prefer.

  • sygyzy

    Can you guys give us a sneak peek of the new picks for the razor article? Don’t tell us to buy this razor now because it’s on sale, only for us to find out next week that you picked Model XYZ that performs better and is available for $30 less.

    • tony kaye

      Do you subscribe to our newsletter? We often do a variation of a ‘sneak peek’ at some guides in the coming week. Can’t guarantee that the razor will be included, but it’s definitely one way to have the edge just in case (excuse the pun, I couldn’t help myself!).

      Newsletter signup page:

    • J.D. Levite

      For the record, I always check with our writers and editors about our deals. I wouldn’t call it a “deal” at all if our new pick was cheaper because our new pick would be better than our old pick…

  • danar

    The review for the best sheets should be redone because I don’t think you can really review the best sheets without also looking into the Italian sheets.

    Instead, those Italian sheets and other bedding were excluded and not even evaulated because they were above an arbirtrary price and thus deemed too expensive.

    But, some of those Italian sheets cost just as much as the Miele Twist or the Vitamix, winners in other Sweethome categories.

    If we’re going to exclude the Italian sheets because they’re too expensive, then shouldn’t the Vitamix and the Twist have never been tested because they’re also too expensive?

    • Jacqui Cheng

      Hi there. The idea is to find the best product for the money spent. High-end or expensive items aren’t always ruled out entirely based on price, but they are often ruled out because what you get FOR that price isn’t enough. We usually find (as we did in the sheet review) that you can get something really great for an OK price without having to go crazy on the high end unless you really want to. That’s what tends to appeal to most people, which is why we angle our guides that way.

  • signup

    Re: the Oxo scale. Bed Bath and Beyond always has 20% off coupons for most of the product they carry, often resulting in prices better than available elsewhere. In this case the scale would only be $40. I use the coupons all the time, great easy way to save on a lot of stuff.

  • Marcel726

    Cree LED light bulbs have dropped in price along with the release of the 100w replacement. Not sure if it is a permanent drop or not. Might be worth a mention…

    • tony kaye

      In store? Or online?

  • Lee Stabler

    Checked today and that kettle is already back to $86.

    • tony kaye

      Thanks for the heads up!

  • Alexei S

    Just tried the SmartWool – the site tells me “Coupon code “LUV4MOM” is not valid.”

    • tony kaye

      Thanks for the note!

  • Marius Piedallu van Wyk

    Keep in mind it does not come with a tamper. (some say it is not needed) But if you have a larger container, you won’t be able to use that tamper with this smaller container.

  • Ibai

    The L.L. Bean coupon is not working for me.

    • tony kaye

      I believe it is expired. Sorry!

  • Kenneth Rodriguez

    I believe the sale for ThermoWorks Splash-Proof Super-Fast Brown Thermapen is over.

    • tony kaye

      I see it as $85 right now. So even cheaper than the $88 we have listed.

      • Kenneth Rodriguez

        When I try to add to cart I get a page that says “document.write(‘This item is no longer available.n’);”

        • tony kaye

          Got the same error. They may have ended it or sold out. Thanks for the note!

          • eaadams

            My thermapen broke. Fyi thwy have a servuce plan not on website: Return postage and $25 service fee FYI if out of warranty.

  • amy324

    I had trouble with using the GOLDEN code on the JC Penney web site. I had to place the order over the phone. That was no problem. Got the 50% off.

    • tony kaye

      Just tested and it worked on the website. Glad it worked over the phone for you too.

  • bearicks

    I was actually waiting for good price on a decent blender for a while now and when I saw the deal on the oster versa I was uber excited. Unfortunately, it seems to be 200 on amazon now and the official oster website says it sold out. doh.

  • eaadams

    That office depot tape measure deal is stupid. Can’t buy online for local pickup and is OOS online.

  • Joseph Kacvinsky

    The Braun Series 7 – 790cc is on sale at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart for $149.97.

    • tony kaye

      Thanks for the note!

    • tony kaye

      Do you mean 760cc?

      • Joseph Kacvinsky

        Upon further research, apparently Braun themselves are offering a $*0 off deal through most participating sellers. Spanning across their shaver lineup (Series 7 = $40, Series 5 = $30, Series 3 390cc = $15, Series 3 = $10)
        The Series 7 models:
        797cc = $189.99 (Target)
        790cc = $149.97 (Amazon)
        760cc = $145.99 (Walmart)

        They seem to be split up in terms of seller availability so you won’t find all 3 in any one location. But they are all receiving the $40 off treatment.
        For less than $4 though, I’d go for the 790cc model.

  • Ronda

    Looking for deals on bakeware that ship to Canada. Found Ovenart muffin pan for $10 down from $17 on Amazon but doesn’t ship to Canada =(

  • Ellen Schmidt has the KitchenAid Artisan Empire Stand Mixer for $280 and free shipping.

  • Brian Kramp

    LL Bean comforters in stock again, for last day of the sale. Note that the King is in stock for the Permabaffle variety, which appears to be a (perhaps trivial) step up for $30 more. Been waiting all week for a King, so I don’t mind paying the extra.

  • Guest

    I found the GE Colorites at Menards on sale through 12/14 for $15

  • Drew

    I found the GE Colorite lights on sale at Menards for $15

    • tony kaye

      Not sure if Menards is a nationwide store? But thanks for the note.