The Best LED Lightbulb Walmart’s Great Value LED 60 Watt Equivalent (10 Watts) Dimmable Soft White
After researching more than 70 LED bulbs and testing 18 finalists in an alcove with a light meter and a dimmer switch, we found that Walmart’s Great Value LED 60 Watt Equivalent (10 Watts) Dimmable Soft White is the best LED bulb for most people. It spreads light in all directions, dims evenly, offers more durability than an incandescent or CFL, and emits a warm, bright light spectrum that shows colors accurately. Plus, it costs less than almost every other bulb we found.   Read More >
Best Smart Thermostat Nest 3.0
After using the top three smart thermostats for more than a month, we concluded that the second-generation Nest is still the best for the second year in a row. It's more pleasant to use thanks to its seamless smartphone controls and elegant design.  It even learns your house's heating and cooling quirks and can schedule itself based on your usage.   Read More >
Helpful Gear for Any Emergency
This list is not an official emergency checklist, although it was informed by Seamus's experience in the military and private security management, my training as an EMT and SF emergency response dork (NERT) and FEMA's prep kit list.   Read More >
The Best LED Lantern UST 30-Day
We spent 20 hours researching and testing LED lanterns before settling on the UST 30-Day as the most versatile. It's bright enough to read text 38 feet away but dim enough to feel cozy inside a tent, and its 30-day battery means it rarely needs to be changed.   Read More >
The Best Home Security System FrontPoint Interactive
If I were buying a monitored home security system, I’d get FrontPoint Security’s Interactive plan for $45/month (plus equipment).   Read More >
The Best Lock Box Kidde Access Point Dial Lock
To find the best lock box, we spent hours on research, testing, interviews with a real estate agent and an experiment where we had a team of locksmiths break some open with hammers and tricks. We think the $33 Kidde Access Point Key Safe is the best lock box for homeowners looking to stash keys for visitors or to store a backup key. The dial format makes it exceptionally difficult for even a professional to decode, and the zinc alloy exterior is as sturdy as you can buy without spending over $400 for a professional kit.   Read More >