The Best Boxed Chocolates Recchiuti Confections’s Black Box
We tasted 11 chocolate brands and took suggestions from our readers to find our new favorite box of chocolates, Recchiuti Confections’s Black Box. Recchiuti distinguishes itself by combining unusual yet complementary flavors, and ultimately offering a full sensory experience.   Read More >
The Best Chocolate Bar (for Gifting or Eating) Hachez Cocoa D' Arriba Chocolate Bar
We tested nine new chocolate bars against last year’s winners and spoke to chocolatiers, retailers, and a 15-year chocolate veteran to find the best. Our new favorite for eating (and gift-giving) is the Hachez Coca D’Arriba 77%. It stands out because of its near perfect balance of fruit notes and bitterness, making for a deep chocolate flavor.    Read More >
The Best Label Maker Epson LW-300
After talking label maker pros and cons with three professional organizers, conducting nearly 50 hours of research and playing with six different models of label makers, we picked the $40 Epson LW-300 because it allowed us to kick out clean labels with the least amount of fuss. It was comfortable to hold, featured easy-to-type-on QWERTY keys, and was always intuitive to use, even when typing really complicated labels involving symbols, punctuation, and multiple font styles.    Read More >