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The Best Way to Keep Open Wine Fresh Private Preserve
After 20 hours of research and testing, we think using Private Preserve is the best way to keep opened wine fresh. In our tests it beat out seven other wine-preserving methods and proved to be the best at maintaining the wine’s flavor after five days. It was also the only tool we tried that was better than recorking and refrigerating a half-full bottle of wine, and it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars.   Read More >
The Best Coffee Maker OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker
After putting in 41 hours of research over the past two years and brewing hundreds of cups of coffee in 12 machines, we found that the OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker is the best for most people. The OXO makes better-tasting coffee than other drip coffee makers, and it’s much easier to use than other high-end coffee makers we’ve tested.   Read More >
The Best Rolling Pin Whetstone Woodenware French Rolling Pin
After nearly 20 hours of research and testing 12 carefully selected rolling pins on three types of dough, we found the timeless maple Whetstone Woodenware French Rolling Pin is the best option for most people. It’s more agile than a handled pin, it doesn’t stick to the dough as much as cheaper models, and it has just enough heft to do some of the work for you without smashing fragile dough. Plus, it’s one of the easiest to clean.   Read More >
The Best Dish Soap Seventh Generation Dish Liquid
After more than 65 hours of research and testing 28 detergents, we found the Seventh Generation Dish Liquid is the best for most people. You can’t beat the cleaning power of Seventh Generation. Plus, the company doesn’t use dyes or synthetic fragrances in its product, and it doesn’t test on animals.   Read More >
The Best Mandoline KitchenAid V-Slicer
After putting in more than 40 hours of research and testing, we found that the KitchenAid V-Slicer is the best mandoline for most people. This razor-sharp tool has a decent hand guard and can fit in most kitchen drawers. In our tests, it made the thinnest, most even shavings and performed better than much more expensive models.   Read More >
The Best Vegetable Peeler OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler
After 20 hours of research and testing peelers over two years, we found that the lightweight, Y-shaped Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler and the heavier straight swivel OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler are the best options. In testing, both tackled vegetables and fruits better than the competition, and they were the easiest and most comfortable to hold during prolonged peeling.   Read More >
The Best Soda Maker Sodastream Source
After more than 42 hours of research, 150 hours of testing over the past three years, and even our own DIY version, we think the SodaStream Source is the best home soda maker. It makes the fizziest, best-tasting seltzer; its cartridge refills are among the most affordable; and it's easier to use and clean than the competition.   Read More >
The Best Can Opener OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch
Over the past two years, we’ve opened 85 cans with 22 can openers to find that the OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch is the best option for most people. It locks onto cans, cuts them with ease, and costs half the price of the better safety openers we tested.   Read More >
The Best Steak Knife Set Messermeister Avanta Pakkawood
After 40 hours of research, interviews, and testing, we found the Messermeister Avanta Pakkawood are the best steak knives for most people. Not only are they beautiful to look at and comfortable in the hand, but they’re as high-performing as knives six times their price. No other knives came close to their combination of performance, price, and quality.   Read More >
The Best Kitchen Trash Can simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can
After spending more than 60 hours researching 70 trash cans, then testing 15 of them, we've found that the simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can is the best for most kitchens. It's better than any other can we’ve seen at keeping trash bags in place, and its lid opens more smoothly, too. Plus, it's easier to clean, and it's truly airtight, unlike most of the competition.   Read More >
The Best Cookbook Stands
After testing dozens of device and book stands for the kitchen, we found the Stump Stand is the best option for your electronics. It sits more solidly on the counter than the competition, and it’s one of the easiest stands to store. For books, we recommend the sturdy Clear Solutions Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder with Cherry Base, which has a better splatter shield than any other stand we’ve found.   Read More >
The Best Champagne Glass Riedel Vinum Cuvee Prestige
After considering more than 80 glasses and drinking from 10 different styles, we found that the Riedel Vinum Cuvee Prestige is still the best Champagne glass for most people. Its tulip shape, formed of elegant leaded crystal, preserved carbonation better than any other glass we tested. Plus, it’s comfortable to hold.   Read More >
The Best Coffee Grinder Baratza Virtuoso
After more than 40 hours researching and testing nine top-rated coffee grinders, we found the Baratza Virtuoso was the best for making coffee at home. It produced the most uniform grind consistency of any model we tested, comparable with a $2,500 commercial-grade grinder. Our science editor couldn’t even tell the samples apart under a microscope.   Read More >
The Best Stand Mixer KitchenAid Artisan
After more than two years of making cookies, cakes, and even grinding meat, we still think the 5-quart KitchenAid Artisan is the best stand mixer. It creams butter and whips cake batter more effectively than nearly every other model we tried, and it effortlessly kneads dough without knocking around on the counter. For its performance, versatility, and price, the Artisan is still the absolute best.   Read More >
The Best Flatware
Over the course of six months, we spent more than 80 hours researching flatware and testing 23 sets based on visual appeal, how they felt, and their materials. We also gave people of varying ages, income, and design savvy a chance to weigh in. We’d usually suss out the best choice for most, but because choosing flatware is personal, we've instead narrowed it down to 10 sets of varying styles that ranked highest in our tests.   Read More >
The Best Food-Storage Containers Glasslock 18-Piece Set
After conducting long-term testing over two years and watching the prices on these sets swing wildly, we found that Glasslock containers are the best food-storage containers for most people. They have a durable seal, stack neatly in the fridge, and keep stains and smells from lingering. In our tests, they stayed leak-free and survived counter-height drops onto wood.    Read More >
The Best Wine Glasses Riedel Ouverture Magnum
After spending eight hours blind-tasting wine in 33 different glasses, we found that the Riedel Ouverture Magnum is the best wine glass for casual drinking. The Magnum outperformed glasses that cost three times as much, and it’s able to bring out the best flavors in whatever wine you pour into it. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe and shatter-resistant, so it can endure daily wear and tear.   Read More >
The Best Roasting Pan Cuisinart MCP117-16BR MultiClad 16-Inch Rectangular Roaster
After roasting more than 190 pounds of turkey, 200 pounds of chicken, and 30 pounds of veggies in 11 pans over the past three years, the Cuisinart MCP117-16BR continues to be our favorite roasting pan. It cooks more evenly than similarly priced roasters, and it’s better at searing and sauce making than most competitors. Plus, it roasted nearly as well as one pan that cost twice as much.   Read More >
The Best Drinking Glass Duralex Picardie
After year of long-term testing and flinging dozens of glasses off a roof to see which could survive the drop, we've decided that the Duralex Picardie Tumbler is the best drinking glass you can buy. It's durable, stackable, dishwasher-safe, and more pleasurable to drink from than anything else we found. It isn't the cheapest glass we looked at, but it’s the glass we reached for the most.   Read More >
The Best Potato Masher OXO Good Grips Smooth Potato Masher
After performing 21 hours of research and looking at 39 mashers, potato ricers, and food mills, plus interviewing two pro chefs and mashing 51 pounds of potatoes, apples, and tomatoes, we found the OXO Good Grips Smooth Potato Masher to be the best tool for mashing. It’s easy to use, clean, and store, it’s the least messy masher we tried, and it’s one of most inexpensive tools we looked at.   Read More >
The Best 13-by-9 Casserole Dish HIC Porcelain Lasagna Pan
After considering 39 models and spending 41 hours on research and testing over the past two years, we've found that the HIC Porcelain Lasagna Pan is the best 13-by-9 casserole dish for most kitchens. It's broiler safe and easy to clean, has big handles for carrying, serves a family of four, and performs as well as dishes that cost three times as much.   Read More >
The Best Cookie Sheet Nordic Ware Baker’s Half Sheet
After baking 23 batches of cookies, six pizzas, and several pounds of sweet potato fries with 13 different pans over the past two years, we found that the Nordic Ware Baker’s Half Sheet is the best option. The Nordic Ware excelled at every task—performing better than sheets twice the price—without warping at high heat, unlike most of the competition. It’s a great all-purpose pan for everything from roasting vegetables to preparing bones for stock.   Read More >
The Best Instant-Read Meat Thermometer for Your Kitchen ThermoWorks ThermoPop
After sticking 19 instant-read digital thermometers into baked chicken and boiling tea kettles, we found the ThermoWorks ThermoPop is the best option for most kitchens. The ThermoPop gets within three degrees of most food temperatures in fewer than five seconds, features an easy-to-read display, and has a long, thin probe that makes it more versatile and convenient than the competition.   Read More >
The Best Waffle Maker Proctor Silex Belgian Style Waffle Maker
After 40 hours of research and testing 15 models, we recommend the $50 Proctor Silex Belgian Style Waffle Maker for most people. It consistently produced crisp-tender, evenly browned waffles, and its nonstick grid was the most effective among the models we tested, releasing waffles without extra oiling. It’s a great size for serving groups since it makes four waffles at a time, unlike some of our other picks, which make two.   Read More >
The Best Chip Clips The Gripstic
After putting in nearly 40 hours of research over two years and testing more than 25 of the highest-rated models, we found the Gripstic to be the best at clipping chip bags, ensuring freshness for a long time. The wide Gripstic closes more bags than the competition and creates an incredibly tight seal, which in our taste tests led to very high scores, and it’s small enough to easily store in a drawer.   Read More >
The Best Barware for Making Cocktails at Home
Making cocktails at home doesn’t have to be complicated, but we can all aspire to more than dumping margarita mix in a blender. Over the past two years, we’ve spent 70 hours researching bar tools, speaking with some of the top bartenders in the country and testing five dozen models to bring you this guide to the absolute best items for home mixology.   Read More >
The Best Pie Plate Baker’s Advantage Ceramic Pie Dish
After nearly 50 hours baking dozens of pies over the past three years, we found the Baker’s Advantage Ceramic Pie Dish is the best pie plate for most people. In our testing, it performed as well as plates twice the price. It baked crust an even brown that never stuck to the bottom of the plate, its deep dish held a wider variety of recipes than shallower ones, and its gently ruffled lip was one of the easiest for forming beautiful fluting.   Read More >
The Best Immersion Blender Breville Control Grip
After considering 54 immersion blenders and spending nearly three years on long-term testing, we found that the Breville Control Grip is the best option for most people. The Breville produces smoother textures than any other model we’ve tried, and its smart design—with a grippy handle, no-suction gasket, and a wide range of speeds—makes it much easier to use than the competition.   Read More >
The Best Dutch Oven Lodge 6-Quart Dutch Oven
After three years of researching and testing Dutch ovens, we have found that the 6-quart Lodge Color Enamel Dutch Oven remains the best option for most people. It sears, braises, steams, and caramelizes food on par with competitors that cost four times as much, and it features great handles, convenient dimensions, and a durable design.   Read More >
The Best Tea Steeper Finum Brewing Basket
After more than 30 hours researching dozens of tea steepers, and drinking tea made in 15 infusers, teapots, and travel mugs over the past two years, we found that the Finum Brewing Basket is the best option. The fine mesh of this plastic in-cup steeping basket allows more water flow and keeps tea particles from escaping into the cup better than the competition. Plus, it’s one of the only models that fit both mugs and pots, and it’s among the easiest to clean.   Read More >
The Best Grill Tools
Pre-packaged grill kits usually include tools of substandard quality or poor design (although we found one exception this year). We think the smart money is on buying what you need piece by piece, which is why we’ve spent the past three years researching grill accessories, speaking with grilling experts, and testing 52 different tools to find the best equipment for hassle-free outdoor cooking.   Read More >
The Best Cutting Board Prepworks
After spending more than 120 hours on research and chopping 23 pounds of produce with 22 cutting boards, we found the Prepworks cutting board is the best for most kitchens. The Prepworks doesn’t require any maintenance and resists warping, staining, and strong odors better than other plastic boards we tested. Its textured plastic makes slicing easier, and it has a better juice groove and handle than any other board we tested.   Read More >
The Best Measuring Cups KitchenMade Stainless Steel and Pyrex 2-Cup
After testing 33 measuring cups over the past two years, we found KitchenMade’s Stainless Steel Measuring Cups are best for dry ingredients, and Pyrex’s 2-Cup Measuring Cup is the best for liquids. They’re more durable than the competition, easier to clean, and the most compact models we tested. They’re also quite accurate (for cups).   Read More >
The Best Small Trash Cans
After a year spent researching 769 small trash cans (and no, that’s not a typo), and running a dozen standouts through a battery of tests, we found the best small trash cans are the simplehuman 10-Liter Profile Step Can for bathrooms, the Brighton Professional for offices, and the simplehuman in-cabinet for kitchens. These bins can fit tight spaces, resist denting and tipping, accept several types of bags, and look better than plastic buckets.   Read More >
The Best Ice Cream Scoop Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoop
We spent more than 25 hours researching and testing five scoops (after considering 40), to find the classic Zeroll scoop is the best ice cream scoop. Thanks to its heat-conducting core, it cuts into hard ice cream more cleanly than other scoops, and its shape produces gorgeous scoops from the densest of desserts. It’s also easy to clean and durable, and its simple design has remained virtually unchanged since it debuted 75 years ago.   Read More >
The Best Ice Cream Maker Whynter ICM-15LS
After 85 hours of research, talking to professional ice cream makers and a food scientist, and testing 14 models, we found the $260 Whynter ICM-15LS is the best ice cream maker for most homes. The Whynter made smoother ice cream in a shorter amount of time than any other model we tested, was quieter than the rest, and the easiest to clean.   Read More >
The Best Popsicle Molds Zoku Round Pop Molds
After researching dozens of popsicle molds, testing 26, and making 140 ice pops over the past 2 years, we’ve found Zoku Round Pop Molds are the best molds for most households. They make the most consistent pops of all the molds we tried, are more durable, and easier to use than the competition. Plus, they are the least messy to eat, thanks to unobtrusive drip guards on the sticks.   Read More >
The Best Citrus Juicer Proctor Silex Alex's Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer
After juicing more than 53 pounds of citrus with 13 different juicers, we found the Proctor Silex Alex’s Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer is the best OJ-producing machine for most homes. It produced as much (or more) juice as models 10 times its price. It’s also built better than the competition, and it has one of the best self-contained pitchers we’ve tested, with a pulp-control design that actually works.   Read More >
The Best Salad Spinner OXO Good Grips
After 25 hours of research and testing eight salad spinners, we found that the OXO Good Grips is the best salad spinner for most people. Its simple design is sturdier and easier to use than any other model we tested, and its unique pump spinner is the easiest to operate. It’s also one of the most compact, though its plastic bowl is big enough for a large head of lettuce.   Read More >
The Best Food Processor Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor
After spending 25 hours researching food processors and conducting nearly two years of long-term testing, we found the Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor is the best food processor for most home cooks. The Cuisinart Custom is easy to use and clean, it’s more solidly built than the competition, and consistently chops, slices, and kneads better than any model we’ve found under $300.   Read More >
The Best Chef’s Knife for Most Cooks MAC MTH-80
After 75 hours of research and testing 13 chef’s knives in our own kitchen, we found the best chef’s knife for most home cooks. The MAC MTH-80 8-inch Chef’s Knife with Dimples is the sharpest, most durable, and comfortable model we tested. Not only was the MAC much sharper than its competition, but its high-carbon blade will keep it sharp for longer than any other knife in its price range.   Read More >
The Best Blender Oster Versa
After three years of researching and testing blenders, we’ve found the $200 Oster Versa is the best blender for most people. It performs as well as blenders that are twice the price and blows cheaper blenders out of the water. Its speeds are more nuanced than the competition’s, it runs more quietly, and it’s one of the only models that comes with a tamper for bursting air pockets in thicker mixtures.   Read More >
The Best Grater Cuisipro 4-Sided Box Grater
After 40 hours of research, expert interviews, and testing 28 graters, we found the $30 Cuisipro Surface Glide Technology 4-Sided Box Grater is the best for most home kitchens. It shreds hard and soft cheeses, as well as carrots and potatoes, more efficiently than almost any other model we tested. Plus, it shaves off wisps of citrus zests without tearing into the bitter pith—unlike the competition—making it the most versatile grater we found.    Read More >
The Best Scissors & Kitchen Shears Kai 5210 8-Inch Dressmaking Shears and OXO Good Grips Kitchen and Herb Scissors
The Kai 5210 8-Inch Dressmaking Shears are the best all-around household scissors because they’re light and they cut with the smoothest snip of any scissors we tested. They handled cardboard, blue jeans, and even picture-hanging wire without issue. For the kitchen, the OXO Good Grips Kitchen and Herb Scissors are the best for most people because their micro-serrated blade grips meat while the other blade cleanly cuts through—something the competition doesn’t do.    Read More >
The Best Aluminum Foil Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty
We tested 18 aluminum foil brands for more than 15 hours and found that the Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty foil is best for most kitchens. It's the most malleable, the thickest, and the least likely to puncture out of all the heavy-duty foils we tested, making it the easiest to work with. Plus, it’s widely available in a variety of widths and lengths.   Read More >
The Best Small Saucepan Cuisinart MultiClad Pro 2-Quart
We considered more than 40 saucepans before narrowing down to nine for in-depth testing. The Cuisinart MultiClad Pro 2-Quart is the best small saucepan for most households. Unlike the other saucepans we tested, it has every feature we want at an affordable price: tri-ply throughout, a comfortable handle secured with rivets, a bent lip for clean pouring, and a snug-fitting lid.    Read More >
Gear for Making Great Pour-over Coffee Kalita Wave
We spent more than 30 hours on research and testing with a professional barista, plus we interviewed 10 coffee experts from across the US to find the best coffee brewing gear. The Kalita Wave 185-Series Glass makes pour-over coffee that’s easy to brew and highlights the individual flavor of high-quality beans. We also have recommendations for other gear (like grinders and kettles) if you need them.   Read More >
The Best Electric Kettle Cuisinart CPK-17
We spoke to three tea experts, considered 12 electric kettles, and performed in-depth testing on five in order to conclude the Cuisinart CPK-17 is still the best for most people. It's temperature-variable so you can match water temperature to tea type, and it's made of metal, meaning it will last longer in everyday use. We also have a step-up pick if you need to boil larger volumes of water.   Read More >
The Best Ice Cube Tray OXO Good Grips
Long-term smell and taste tests led us to a whole new round of research and testing on ice cube trays. Ice for everyday use is basically the same no matter what mold you use, but the OXO Good Grips has the most useful design of those we tested: its hard plastic lid allows you to store the tray at an angle without spillage.   Read More >
The Best Dish Rack Polder 4-Piece Advantage
After 60 hours of research, interviews with two industrial designers, and washing the equivalent of 35 loads of dishes, we found the Polder 4-Piece Advantage is the best dish rack for a four-person household that cooks 5+ meals a week. We have additional picks too, if you'd rather spend less money or need a rack that's more compact.    Read More >
The Best Kitchen Scale Jennings CJ4000
After 30 hours weighing everything from bread dough to coffee beans, the $26 Jennings CJ4000 is the best digital kitchen scale for most people. It’s the only model we tested that measures in half grams—something our prior pick can’t do—for better precision. For accuracy down to .1 g for coffee and spices, we also have a great pocket scale.   Read More >
The Best Travel Mug Zojirushi Stainless Mug
The new Zojirushi Stainless Mug is an evolutionary improvement over its predecessor (our previous pick for best travel mug) and doesn't compromise on design or insulating abilities. After 8 hours, coffee was 20 degrees hotter in the Zojirushi than the next mug down in our test group.   Read More >
The Best Pepper Mill Peugeot Paris U'Select
After 45 hours of research and testing, we found the best pepper mill for most people. The Peugeot Paris U’Select was the first pepper mill over a century ago, and it’s still the best. Its sharp, steel mechanism ground 1/2 tsp. of pepper faster and more evenly than the competition.   Read More >
The Best Paring Knife Victorinox 3¼-inch
We spent 30 hours researching and testing 8 top knives, and the $8 Victorinox 3 1/4 -inch paring knife is the best.    Read More >
The Best Spatula Mercer Hell’s Handle Fish Spatula
If I could only buy one spatula, I’d get the Mercer Hell’s Handle Fish Spatula. Forget that it’s got fish in its name—it’s a versatile, all-purpose slotted spatula with the right amount of flexibility and strength for only ~$15.    Read More >
The Best Paper Towel Bounty Select-a-Size
After dozens of hours of research, interviews and testing, I found that Bounty's Select-a-Size paper towels had more scrubbing strength than anything else available. They're also very absorbent, and the smaller individual sheets let you use (and waste) less.    Read More >
The Best Rice Cookers Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity Deluxe Rice Cooker/Steamer
After more than 100 hours of research and testing, cooking more than 200 pounds of rice, and talking with rice experts specializing in Japanese, Thai, and Chinese cuisine, we recommend without reservation the Hamilton Beach 37549 2-14 cup Digital Simplicity Rice Cooker and Steamer for most people. It’s an outstanding value well-suited to most households that want the ease and convenience of no-fuss, no-burning cooked rice. It makes delicious short- and medium-grain white rice -- the variety most commonly made in a cooker -- faster and better tasting than models 10 times the price. It’s also one of the simplest (and cheapest) machines we tested and by far the best low-priced cooker we’ve found.    Read More >
The Best Sponge Scotch-Brite Dobie Cleaning Pad
After some longterm testing, we’ve decided the best sponge for most kitchens is the Scotch-Brite Dobie Cleaning Pad (especially when paired with the Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty for tougher messes). It feels good in use and makes quick work of almost any mess.    Read More >
The Best Kitchen Trash Bag Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bag Stronger with Less Plastic
The best trash bag for hauling garbage that is heavy or sharp or simply kitchen detritus is the Glad Tall Kitchen drawstring bag. It’s the favorite of Consumer Reports and Good Housekeeping and consistently stood up to our testing, holding vastly more weight and demonstrating more resistance to rips and tears than other trash bags.   Read More >
The Best Knife Set (Though We Prefer Piecemeal) Wüsthof Classic 8-Piece Deluxe Knife Set
If you’re looking to buy nice kitchen knives—and are determined to buy a set—you won’t beat the Wüsthof Classic 8-Piece Deluxe Knife Set ($350) for price, performance and overall presentation. I came to this conclusion after more than 18 hours of research, testing and interviewing experts.   Read More >
The Best Skillet All-Clad 12-inch Stainless Steel Fry Pan
For some items, it’s worth paying extra for reputation because that reputation is hard earned and well-deserved. The All-Clad 12-Inch Stainless Steel Fry Pan is one of those things. It’s beloved by professionals, enthusiasts, and home cooks alike for their superior heat conductivity, balanced handling, and durability.   Read More >
The Best Corkscrew for Opening Wine True Fabrications Truetap
Although you can spend plenty of money on a gadgety wine opener, every wine expert we spoke to prefers a simple, double-hinged corkscrew. We especially like True Fabrications' Truetap. Yes, it’s a knockoff of the Pulltap’s—the corkscrew most recommended by experts—but in our tests, we found that it is similar in handling, one of the least expensive models we tried, and solidly built, and unlike the Pulltap’s, it can be shipped from a reliable, local source. And unlike wing corkscrews, it’s compact and slim, which means you can buy a couple and keep extras in your desk, glove compartment, or backyard—so you’re always ready to open up a bottle.    Read More >