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Closet & Laundry

The Best Tights Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66
After doing in-depth research and testing 16 pairs of tights for at least eight hours at a time, we found the Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 are still the top opaque tights for most people. They are attractive under a range of outfits, have a comfortable but secure waistband, feel silky to the touch, and easily best their competition in terms of quality and longevity.   Read More >
The Best Label Maker Brother PT-D210
After 40 hours of researching—including talking to small business owners and home users—and testing eight popular models, we’ve determined that the Brother PT-D210 is the best label maker. It was the easiest to use and printed consistently high-quality labels, despite being one of the cheapest models we tested.   Read More >
The Best Products for Maintaining and Shining Leather Shoes
With proper care, a high-quality pair of leather shoes can last many years with multiple sole replacements. After spending 30 hours researching shoe-care products and methods, and enlisting the founder of Washington, DC’s top-rated shoe-shine shop to help us test, we found recommendations for the essentials of calfskin leather shoe maintenance—all for under $100.   Read More >
The Best Sewing Kit Merchant & Mills Rapid Repair Kit
After spending 25 hours on research and testing nine travel-size and full-size kits, we found the Merchant & Mills Rapid Repair Kit is still the best sewing kit for most people. The Merchant & Mills kit had the best tools of any of the sewing kits we tested, by far, and it was the easiest kit to keep organized. Plus, it’s handsome to look at.   Read More >
The Best Laundry Detergent Tide Plus Bleach Alternative
Updated with info on potential irritants (MI/MCI) in Kirkland Ultra Clean and Target’s up & up. If you are sensitive to MI/MCI, go with Ecover Zero, our green, free and clear pick.   Read More >
The Best Washer and Dryer LG WM3570HWA and LG DLEX3570W
After 100 hours of researching laundry appliances and interviewing a half-dozen industry experts, we found the LG WM3570HWA washer and DLEX3570W dryer are the best for most people. This LG washer is very close to being the most water-efficient washer available, and the dryer is significantly quieter and easier to unload than other models we looked at. Plus, they’re stackable if you need them to be.   Read More >
The Best Storage Containers (for Most People) Sterilite 30 Quart Ultra Latching Storage Box
After more than 40 hours of testing plastic storage containers by stuffing them, dropping them, soaking them, and hauling them around, we found that the Sterilite 30 Quart Ultra Latching Storage Box has the best balance of durability, security, and affordability ($40 for a six pack). It didn’t crack in our drop tests or leak in our water tests designed to re-create a flooded basement. And if you need a larger or super-rugged bin, we have picks for those, too.   Read More >
The Best Slippers Haflinger AT
After 40 hours of research and walking around in 14 different slippers, we’d recommend the $90 Haflinger AT to keep your feet warm and sweat-free. Not only are they more comfortable, warm, and supportive than competitors, but they actually get better and better the more you wear them in.    Read More >
The Best Clothes Iron T-fal Ultraglide Easycord FV4495
Our new best iron produces 35% more steam per minute than our previous pick. The T-fal Ultraglide Easycord FV4495 can flatten a silk blouse or a pair of jeans with just one pass. The cord is long and the reservoir is large and easy to fill, both surprisingly uncommon for irons.    Read More >
The Best Hangers Basic Natural Wood Hangers
The best hanger you can buy is The Container Store’s Basic Natural Wood Hangers. They’re available in three styles that will cover almost every piece of clothing you own. Each one is wide and thick enough to be durable and versatile, and the build prevents unsightly creases and tears. At $1.25 a piece, they’re not too expensive to stock your whole closet.    Read More >
The Best Laundry Basket (and Hampers) Sterilite Stacking Laundry Basket
The best laundry basket out there is the Sterilite Stacking Laundry Basket. It holds a full week's worth of laundry, is easy to carry with the attached handles and can stack to make sorting easier. The plastic is strong and the handle design is comfortable even when loaded with 40 pounds of weight.    Read More >