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August 2016

August 29, 2016
The Best Intermediate Sewing Machines Janome DC5100
After researching dozens of computerized sewing machines, we think the Janome DC5100 is the most versatile for intermediate sewers or beginners who want to invest in more advanced features. We also have picks for quilters, small apartment dwellers, and people who want to buy from a dealer.   Read More >
August 26, 2016
Inner Vision for the Weekend of August 26, 2016

* In this weekend’s edition of Inner Vision we show you how to use your flatbed scanner as a gigantic still-life camera, direct you to a browser extension designed to help reduce wasting time online, and celebrate living life in a nonlinear fashion.

August 25, 2016
Ask Sweethome: Should I Switch to Aluminum-Free Deodorant?
The suspicion of health risks caused by aluminum in antiperspirant is generally not backed up by scientific studies. If antiperspirant helps your pits stay pleasant, use it (and don’t sweat it).
August 24, 2016
The Best Chainsaw Ego Power+ 16″ Chainsaw
The cordless Ego Power+ 16″ Chainsaw has plenty of power and run time for routine property maintenance, and it’s simpler to start, easier to maintain, and quieter than a gas tool.   Read More >
August 24, 2016
The Best Clothing Steamers Joy Mangano My Little Steamer
After seven hours testing 18 models, our favorite clothes steamer is the Joy Mangano My Little Steamer. Compact, fast, and reliable, it’s great for a morning smarten-up.   Read More >
August 24, 2016
Pressure Cooker Lemon Chicken and Vegetables Recipe
This crowd-pleasing, fork-tender shallot-lemon chicken and vegetables is a great way to explore a pressure cooker’s versatility (and make a quick weeknight dinner).
August 19, 2016
The Best White Noise Machine LectroFan
The LectroFan is the best white noise machine we’ve found after 20 hours of research and testing, including interviews with a sleep researcher, audiologists, and a sound engineer.   Read More >
August 19, 2016
Inner Vision for the Weekend of August 19, 2016

* In this weekend’s edition of Inner Vision learn how to pick the sweetest watermelon by looking out for five indicators, discover how to (re)awaken posture awareness by crawling like a toddler, and witness how much light pollution has robbed us of the night sky.

August 18, 2016
Ask Sweethome: How Do I Keep Homemade Bread From Going Stale?
Homemade bread has a short shelf life because it lacks the preservatives found in commercially produced loaves. Here’s how you can get the most out of it.
August 17, 2016
How to Dispose of a Window AC Unit
Tossing out an old window AC unit is complicated—but with major potential consequences for improper disposal, it’s worth doing it right.
August 16, 2016
How to Keep Food From Sticking to a (Not-Nonstick) Pan
Tri-ply metal pots and pans are far more capable than nonstick skillets—and they can be just as easy to clean. Here’s how to unlock their full potential.
August 15, 2016
The Best Cheap Mini Fridge Danby Designer DCR044A2
The Danby Designer DCR044A2 is the best mini fridge for most people, with the best shelves and storage layout of any model at its price.    Read More >
August 12, 2016
Inner Vision for the Weekend of August 12, 2016

* In this weekend’s edition of Inner Vision follow one man’s journey to turn a good cut of beef into a great bite of steak, become more fluent in the iOS language of Siri, and discover how to use your blender to make, frosé, the official “it” drink of summer 2016.

August 11, 2016
The Best Paper Towel Bounty Select-A-Size
Bounty Select-A-Size paper towels have more scrubbing ability and wet strength than anything else available, as we’ve confirmed over years of use and in interviews, research, and tests.    Read More >
August 11, 2016
16 Disgusting Home Items You’re Not Cleaning Enough
Bacteria, mold, and more can hide in unpredictable places—here’s where to find it and what to do about it.
August 11, 2016
Ask Sweethome: What Kind of Nail Gun Should I Get?
The type of nail gun you need depends on what type of project you’re working on, and for some projects, you may not need one at all. Here’s what we recommend.
August 10, 2016
The Best Air Purifier Coway AP-1512HH Mighty
The Coway AP-1512HH Mighty is the best air purifier we found in 180 hours of research, due to its excellent performance, affordable price, and low maintenance.   Read More >
August 8, 2016
The Best Measuring Spoons Prepworks by Progressive Magnetic Measuring Spoons
After about five hours and many hundreds of spoonfuls testing nine different sets of measuring spoons, we think the Prepworks by Progressive Magnetic Measuring Spoons are the best choice for most home cooks.   Read More >
August 8, 2016
Blue Shift: Green Cleaning—Are Eco-Friendly Products Really Better for the Planet?
Green products’ labels make big claims—sustainably sourced, fewer emissions, safe for your favorite ecosystems—but it’s a bit more complicated than that.
August 8, 2016
What to Do If You Have Bedbugs
Think you’ve got a bedbug infestation? Don’t panic. We talked to two entomologists and an exterminator to figure out the smartest way to identify and treat this creepiest of crawly problems.
August 8, 2016
The Best Mattress and Pillow Protectors Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Smooth Pillow Protectors
After 17 hours of research and testing 17 protectors, we think the Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Smooth Mattress Encasement and Pillow Protectors are the best for protecting your bed from bedbugs and dust mites. These encasements are comfortable to sleep on, have very secure seams and zippers, and come with a great warranty.   Read More >
August 5, 2016
Inner Vision for the Weekend of August 5, 2016
August 4, 2016
Ask Sweethome: Do High-Efficiency Washers Leave More Detergent Residue Behind Than Non-HE Washers?
Q: I purchased the LG washer/dryer combo suggested last year. I’ve been really unhappy with it, and here’s why: I have sensitive skin. If I used the average washer detergent I would break out in a rash, or get itchy or even get swelling. My solution in the past has just been to use one […]
August 3, 2016
The Best School Supplies for Back to School
We’ve spent over 160 hours evaluating school supplies over the past three summers to find the best pens, pencils, markers, notebooks, and other school supplies.   Read More >
August 1, 2016
Four Times I Went Cheap and Regretted It
Sometimes I look at a Sweethome pick and just think: Really? Almost twenty bucks for a can opener? I am both cheap and stubborn, and if I have it in my head that an item oughta cost a certain (usually unrealistically low) amount, this prejudice clouds my thinking about the entire purchase. I have made […]

July 2016

July 29, 2016
How to Shop for Solar Power: Solar Panels, Inverters, and More SolarEdge Inverter and Power Optimizers
We recommend a grid-tied system made up of SolarWorld monocrystalline solar panels paired with SolarEdge P400 power optimizers and a SolarEdge inverter, a combo we decided on after installing two systems firsthand, doing a ton of research, and interviewing industry experts.   Read More >
July 29, 2016
Inner Vision for the Weekend of July 29, 2016

* In this weekend’s edition of Inner Vision we’ll introduce you to the basics of designing and decorating a room, share our favorite scrambled egg recipe as instructed by Gandalf himself, and propose a great way to turn kitchen scraps into an edible garden.

July 28, 2016
Ask Sweethome: What Type of Fire Extinguisher Do I Need?
Q: In an effort to be a real adult, it hit me that I should probably own a fire extinguisher, but I don’t really know what type (what class, what size) is suitable for a typical person in an apartment with no unusual needs. I’d love to get a more informed recommendation on that—seems like […]
July 25, 2016
The Best Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Bissell SpotClean Pro
After 25 hours of research and testing five portable steam cleaners and carpet cleaners, we think the Bissell SpotClean Pro is the best tool for spot treating rugs and upholstery. It was the best at lifting chocolate, wine, and coffee stains from couch cushions and a white shag carpet.   Read More >
July 25, 2016
The Best Watering Can (Outdoor and Indoor) Fiskars 2.6-Gallon Easy Pour
The Fiskars 2.6-Gallon Easy Pour is the best outdoor watering can we found after testing 10 cans daily in a community garden. The Bloem Living 56-Ounce Aqua Rite is the best indoor can we’ve used.   Read More >
July 22, 2016

* Brooklinen added duvet cover hooks to the All-Season Down Comforter and now offers a lifetime warranty, so we’ve promoted it from runner-up to top pick. [Best Comforter]

July 22, 2016
The Best Comforter Brooklinen All-Season Down Comforter
After 120 hours of researching comforters and testing dozens, we think the Brooklinen All-Season Down Comforter offers the best value for most people. It’s lightweight but warm and quiet to sleep under, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.   Read More >
July 22, 2016
Inner Vision for the Weekend of July 22, 2016

* In this weekend’s edition of Inner Vision discover an unexpected material you can use to keep BBQ grills tidy, watch one of the most drool-inducing ASMR videos, and get informed about where to drop off your leftover house paint responsibly.

July 21, 2016
Ask Sweethome: Will an Under-Sink Water Filter Remove Lead?
Q: I love your site, and come to you before making most of my purchases. I live in Portland, Oregon, and as you may have seen on the news, we have lead in our water at schools. Yay! So, I was thinking that because I live in a home built in 1924, with city infrastructure […]
July 20, 2016
The Best Reel Mower for Your (Small) Lawn Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower
The Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower is the manual lawn mower we chose after spending 30 hours interviewing a turfgrass scientist and testing four models with a golf-course grounds crew.   Read More >
July 19, 2016
The Best College Dorm Essentials
We’ve spent more than 150 hours over the past three summers evaluating the best dorm bedding, appliances, and other essentials to ease the transition from childhood home to dorm room.   Read More >
July 18, 2016
The Best Lunch Boxes L.L.Bean Lunch Box
After 30 hours researching and testing more than a dozen lunch boxes, we think the L.L.Bean Lunch Box is the best for kids and adults who pack a smaller lunch. The Coleman 9-Can Soft Cooler works better if you pack a large lunch and don’t have access to a fridge.    Read More >
July 15, 2016
Inner Vision for the Weekend of July 15, 2016
July 15, 2016
Blue Shift: Green Cleaning—Lies, Damn Lies, and Advertising
“Green” cleaning—it’s hip, but is it helpful? There’s zero question that our presence on earth is changing our environment, but is using green cleaners going to make a difference? In this three-part series, we’ll examine if green products are really better for you, your house, your planet, and your wallet. Personally, I hate grocery shopping. […]
July 14, 2016
So You Got an Instant Pot on Prime Day—Now What?
If you were one of the 215,000 people who bought an Instant Pot on Amazon’s Prime Day, you may be wondering if you made the right choice. You did! We’re actually wrapping up our guide, and we think the best electric pressure cooker is the Instant Pot IP-DUO60.   Read More >
July 14, 2016
How to Mix and Match Your Bed Sheets for the Season
If you sleep hot, try using a linen top sheet with a percale fitted sheet, like the pros do. Here are other seasonal combos you can use for optimal warmth all year long.
July 14, 2016
So You Got an Instant Pot—Now What?
If you were one of the 215,000 people who bought an Instant Pot on Amazon’s Prime Day, you may be wondering if you made the right choice. You did!
July 14, 2016
Ask Sweethome: How Can I Prevent Discoloration in Sheets?
How can I prevent discoloration in sheets? Q: Anyone have tips on preventing discoloration? I got the L.L.Bean sheets in the sand color recently. By the time my partner and I used them once, the pillowcases were really discolored. Looks like sweat stains or possibly bleaching from benzoyl peroxide. Only on the pillowcases, too. Nice […]
July 11, 2016
The Gear You Need to Survive Pokémon Go

* Going to spend all day chasing Pokemon around town? Our Pokémon Go Survival Gear will make sure both you and your phone get through in one piece!

July 11, 2016
Blue Shift: Don’t Let the Internet Scare You About Sunscreen
Oh, Internet—how you love to scare us so. One day we hear that cell phones will give us cancer (they won’t), the next it’s how eating microwave popcorn might kill us. Right now we’re in the early summer, so cue the reports on how our sunscreen is slowly poisoning us.Oh! Thanks, Environmental Working Group! Right […]
July 8, 2016
The Best Adjustable Wrench Channellock 8WCB WideAzz 8-Inch Adjustable Wrench
After testing 15 wrenches over the past three years, we’ve determined that the Channellock 8WCB WideAzz 8-Inch Adjustable Wrench, with its comfortable handle and wide jaws, is still the best for all-around home use.   Read More >
July 8, 2016
The Best Sheet Sets Under $50 Threshold Performance 400 Thread Count Sheet Set
After more than 200 hours researching and testing sheets, and trying 20 new sets, we think the Threshold Performance 400 Thread Count Sheet Set is the best set under $50 (for a queen bed).   Read More >
July 8, 2016
Inner Vision for the Weekend of July 8, 2016

* In this weekend’s edition of Inner Vision we’ll teach you how to grow an endless supply of culinary herbs indoors, direct you to a guide for hunting down the cheapest airline fares, and share our favorite supercrispy fried chicken recipe that tastes so nice, you have to fry it twice.

July 7, 2016
Ask Sweethome: What Is the Least Toxic Mattress?
Q: What is the least toxic mattress? A: I wrote a little bit ago about how the polyurethane foam in some online mattress companies’ products will off-gas, or release volatile organic carbon compounds (VOCs). The gist is that the level of VOCs released is low, lower that what scientists consider harmful amounts. You may be […]
July 6, 2016

* We’re hiring a part-time, LA-based editorial assistant with editorial, photographic, or video experience to help expand our outdoors coverage of camping, cycling, fitness, and more.

July 6, 2016
The Best Bug-Killing Gear
We killed, captured, and repelled a lot of bugs to find the best traps, zappers, swatters, and chemicals to keep you free of flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests.   Read More >
July 6, 2016
What We Learned When We Tried (and Failed) to Find the Best Blood Glucose Meter
Chris Hannemann, a 32-year-old product engineer in San Diego, California, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 8. For the past 24 years, multiple times a day, every day, he’s pricked his finger and used a blood glucose meter to measure the amount of sugar in his blood and decide whether to administer […]
July 5, 2016
The Best Blood Pressure Monitors for Home Use Omron Series 10 with Bluetooth
After testing finalists with nursing professors and students, we found that the Omron Series 10 with Bluetooth is the most accurate and comfortable blood pressure monitor we tested, with the best combination of useful features. It lets you send data to a smartphone for long-term health tracking, and it has the ability to automatically average three measurements in a row for greater accuracy.   Read More >
July 5, 2016
The Best Nonstick Pan Tramontina 10-Inch Professional Nonstick Fry Pan
The Tramontina 10-Inch Professional Nonstick Fry Pan is the best nonstick pan. It offers a slick nonstick coating, good heat distribution, and excellent maneuverability and comfort. It’s a great value, performing as well as—in some cases even better than—pans over twice the price.   Read More >
July 5, 2016
Blue Shift: Will Cooking in a Nonstick Pan Give You Cancer?
Tl;dr: No. Some people are reluctant to use nonstick cookware because they think it can transfer carcinogens into their food, but it ain’t so. It’s safe to cook with as long as you avoid very high temperatures. PTFE (aka polytetrafluoroethylene) is the stuff that gives pans its nonstickiness. Teflon is a kind of PTFE made […]
July 1, 2016
Inner Vision for the Weekend of July 1, 2016

* In this weekend’s edition of Inner Vision master 30 different ways to tie a tie, learn how to redirect a wandering mind back onto the path of focus, and discover how to make the deliciously crispy-crunchy “sizzling cake”, bánh xèo.

June 2016

June 30, 2016
Ask Sweethome: Will an Electric Sharpener Ruin Your Expensive Chef’s Knife?
Each week our editors will answer your most pressing questions. Although we try to cover as much as we can in our reviews and guides, if you’re looking for further advice please write to us at notes@thesweethome.com, and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction. Should I use an electric sharpener […]
June 29, 2016
The Best Spatulas Victorinox Chef's Slotted Fish Turner
We spent over 40 hours researching and testing six different types of spatulas—including fish, plastic, silicone, metal, wood, and offset spatulas—to discover the best in each category.   Read More >
June 28, 2016
How to Anchor Furniture to a Wall
Anti-tip hardware for furniture is a critical safety measure in homes with young children, as a recent recall of IKEA Malm dressers unfortunately reminds us.   Read More >
June 28, 2016

* Due to popular demand, we’ve added a pick for an induction range to The Best Electric and Gas Ranges. If you’re willing to pay for the performance, safety, and efficiency advantages, we think the Electrolux EI30IF40LS is the best value thanks to a versatile cooktop, a huge oven, and a relatively reasonable price. [The Best Electric and Gas Ranges]

June 28, 2016
The Best Electric and Gas Ranges Samsung NE59J7630SS
After 35 hours of research, we think the Samsung NE59J7630SS (electric) and Frigidaire FGGF3058RF (gas) have the features, versatility, and durability most people need.   Read More >
June 28, 2016
How to Anchor Furniture to a Wall
As IKEA’s recent recall of 29 million Malm and other chests and drawers shows, securing large pieces of furniture against tipping is a must in any home (especially one with small children). This grisly video from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission demonstrates how the results of a tipped piece of furniture can be catastrophic. The […]
June 27, 2016
The Best Linen Sheets West Elm Belgian Flax Linen Sheet Set
After considering a dozen linen sheet sets and testing four, we think West Elm’s Belgian Flax Linen Sheets offer the best value. They feel luxurious to sleep in, they’re softer and cheaper than other sets, and they receive fewer complaints about wearing thin.   Read More >
June 24, 2016
The Best String Trimmers Ego ST1502-F Power+ 15" String Trimmer
After testing seven string trimmers (aka weed whackers) on 12,598 square feet of field, the Ego ST1502-F Power+ 15" String Trimmer is our choice—a long-running cordless tool as powerful and affordable as a gas model but with less noise and hassle.   Read More >
June 24, 2016
Inner Vision for the Weekend of June 24, 2016

* In this weekend’s edition of Inner Vision we share the fine art of positioning audio speakers for tonal balance, spotlight the austere lifestyle of Japanese minimalists, and show how to make matcha ice cream with just three ingredients and a whisk.

June 23, 2016
The Best Window Fans Pelonis 9-Inch Twin Window Fan
We researched 16 window fans and tested the five most promising contenders. The Pelonis 9” Twin Window Fan from Home Depot is our pick because it offers the best combination of value, power, and features.   Read More >
June 21, 2016
The Best Commuter Bike Lights Light & Motion Urban 350
We’ve tested 54 commuter lights in the last four years and think the Light & Motion Urban 350 is currently the best way to see and be seen in traffic, without spending a fortune. Our favorite taillight is the Cygolite Hotshot 50, due to its long battery life and attention-getting flash.   Read More >
June 20, 2016
The Best Microwave GE JES1656SRSS
After 75 hours of research, two hands-on trials, and years of ownership, we’ve come to a conclusion: We love GE microwaves—like our new pick, the small, sub-$200, high-performing JES1656SRSS.   Read More >
June 20, 2016
The Best Gear for Small Apartments
We’ve spent more than 100 hours researching and testing the best small apartment furnishings and accessories to optimize your small home.   Read More >
June 20, 2016
The Best Adjustable Dumbbells Bowflex SelectTech 552
After almost three months of research and more than six weeks of personal and panel testing, we think the Bowflex SelectTech 552s are the best adjustable dumbbells for most people. They are great for building muscle, but they stood out from the others because they are versatile enough to use in cardio workouts and circuit training.   Read More >
June 17, 2016
The Best Cheap Coffee Maker Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker (46205)
After considering 17 coffee makers and testing six top candidates, we think that the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker is the best cheap coffee maker. The only machine that made better-tasting coffee costs five times as much.   Read More >
June 17, 2016
Inner Vision for the Weekend of June 17, 2016
June 16, 2016
The Best Hard Cooler Coleman 70 Qt. Xtreme Marine Cooler
After another five hours of research, we’ve tracked down a cheaper Marine version of our top pick for hard coolers, and we think it’s the best deal we’ve seen for a cooler this summer.   Read More >
June 10, 2016
The Best Duvet Cover Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover
After spending 60 hours on research and testing, we think Brooklinen’s Classic Duvet Cover is the most comfortable to sleep under. It is super soft, crisp, and breathable (like good hotel bedding), durably stitched, and comes at a great price for the quality.   Read More >
June 10, 2016
Inner Vision for the Weekend of June 10, 2016
June 8, 2016
For Product Reviews, Tests Aren’t Everything
Lab tests are valuable, but they don’t tell you everything you need to know about a product.
June 6, 2016
The Best Ladders Gorilla GLF-5X Fiberglass Hybrid Ladder
After 30 hours of research comparing more than 35 ladders, we recommend the 5.5-foot Gorilla GLF-5X Fiberglass Hybrid Ladder for common indoor/outdoor tasks and the Werner D6228-2 28 ft Type IA Fiberglass D-Rung Extension Ladder for getting even higher.   Read More >
June 6, 2016
The Ceiling Fan I Always Get Westinghouse Comet 52-Inch Five-Blade
Senior editor Harry Sawyers says there’s no one Best Ceiling Fan out there, but in four different installations, Westinghouse Comet 52-Inch Five-Blade has always worked perfectly for him—a silent, inexpensive, subtle model that blows plenty of air.   Read More >
June 6, 2016

* Best Deals: Our pick for the best food processor, the Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup, is down to $159 (from $198) [Amazon]

June 3, 2016
The Best Beach Umbrellas, Chairs, and Accessories for Enjoying the Sun and Surf
Our team of ocean-loving gear testers have spent dozens of hours over the past three summers finding the best umbrellas, chairs, and accessories for a comfortable, relaxing day at the beach. Whether it’s sunscreen, sun shades, or flip-flops, we’ve got you covered.   Read More >
June 3, 2016
Inner Vision for the Weekend of June 3, 2016

* In this weekend’s edition of Inner Vision we’ll help you optimize your Netflix queue for quicker decision making, share our favorite summertime backyard party grill recipe, and show you how to sharpen a knife using an unexpected surface.

June 2, 2016

* Best Deals: Our upgrade pick for the best drill, the Bosch DDS181-02 18-Volt, is available for $125 (from $155) [Amazon]

June 1, 2016
The Best GPS Running Watch Garmin Forerunner 230
Out of 20 GPS running watches tested, the Garmin Forerunner 230 feels best, shows the most relevant stats, and provides the smartest training plans.   Read More >
June 1, 2016
Blue Shift: How the Panic Over BPA Accomplished Nothing
“BPA-free” products still have BPA-like materials in them that pose similar health risks. Was the freakout worth it?