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April 2014

April 22, 2014

* Our favorite electric toothbrush is currently out of stock on Amazon so we highlighted the best alternative in case you need a new one now.

April 22, 2014
The Best Soda Maker Mastrad Purefizz
After disappearing for a while, our favorite soda maker has returned. The Mastrad PureFizz is simple to use, easy to clean, and makes the best-tasting fizzy water of anything we tested. If it's unavailable again, the Sodastream Jet is a good alternative, though it's not as tasty.    Read More >
April 21, 2014

* The newly announced Mellow sous vide cooker is on the pricey side, but its smart controls and ability to refrigerate food as well as heat it may make it worth further investigation once it ships next year.

April 21, 2014
The Best Co-Sleeper Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper
The NightLight spent 40 hours talking to experts, studying the latest safety research and user reviews, before testing the top models and finding the best co-sleeper. The Arm's Reach Clear-Vue ($130) is very affordable and has mesh panels for breathability and good sight lines.   Read More >
April 18, 2014

* We updated our screwdrivers guide to explain why we prefer MegaPro's 13-in-1 model over the 15-in-1 model.

April 17, 2014

* Best Deals: Our favorite thermostat, the Nest 2.0, is down to a good low price, $225 with a code (from $250). [Lowe's]

April 16, 2014

* We added the latest Consumer Reports rankings to our washer and dryer guide and updated our home vacuum cleaner guide with a new cordless Hoover we're looking forward to.

April 14, 2014

* Our hybrid commuter bike guide now has a link to Bike Radar's tips for buying a kid's bike, which will help you identify the right size, weight, and features for pre-schoolers through 12-year-olds.

April 13, 2014
The Best Baby Bottle Tommee Tippee Bottle
If I were in the market for a no-fuss baby bottle, I’d go with the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle ($24 for three). It has minimal parts to wash (or lose!), the contoured shape makes it easy for older babies to hold, and—because it’s plastic—there’s no risk of shattering (as with glass versions). The bottle’s wide nipple also makes it an easier sell for breastfed babies.    Read More >
April 13, 2014
The Best Soft-Structured Baby Carrier BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One
After four months of researching babywearing options and demoing more than a dozen different soft-structured options, we found the best of the bunch to be the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One ($150) because it’s comfortable (for baby and you) and supportive for infants as well as toddlers. Plus, it’s pretty simple to use and adjust for different-sized babies and adults. Ultimately, that’s what pushed it to the very top of our list, over top contenders like the Beco Gemini and Cybex 2.Go.    Read More >
April 11, 2014

* We tested Bounty's pricey Duratowel and found it to be super tough but only slightly more absorbent than our top paper towel pick.

* After hearing good things about the Crock-Pot Cook & Carry, we checked it out, but it still doesn't beat our favorite Hamilton Beach slow cooker. We also tested the latest version of our top pick to make sure it performs identically to the first one we looked at -- it does.

* Best Deals: The Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven from our article on the best sous vide gear is down to its lowest price ever, $353 (from $390). [Amazon]

April 10, 2014
The Best Fitness Tracker
At the Wirecutter, our previous fitness tracker pick was the Fitbit Force but the recent recall forced us to reconsider. We tested the Garmin Vivofit simultaneously with six other top competitors for two weeks to confirm it’s our new favorite. The Vivofit isn’t perfect, but its flaws are easy to forgive thanks to its extra […]
April 9, 2014

* Our LED bulb guide has more details on how to file warranty claims with Cree.

April 8, 2014

* We tested two new double-hinged wine openers, Pulltex's PullParrot and Coutale Sommelier's Innovation, but neither is better than our current corkscrew pick.

April 7, 2014

* We added the EZ-DUZ-IT to the competition section of Best Can Opener, dismissed a new Samsung in our Best Vacuum guide, and concluded after more research that no new tweezer models were able to unseat our favorite Tweezerman Slant Tip.

* Best Deals: A KitchenAid Stand Mixer louder than our main pick but good for a home baker is down to a great low price, $300 (from $400). [Best Buy]

April 7, 2014
The Best Clothes Iron T-fal Ultraglide Easycord FV4495
Our new best iron produces 35% more steam per minute than our previous pick. The T-fal Ultraglide Easycord FV4495 can flatten a silk blouse or a pair of jeans with just one pass. The cord is long and the reservoir is large and easy to fill, both surprisingly uncommon for irons.    Read More >
April 4, 2014

* Good news: our favorite roasting pan is back in stock.

April 4, 2014
The Best Nail Clippers for Home Grooming Mehaz 660 Professional
The best nail clippers trim finger- and toenails without leaving jagged edges. We tested five pairs of clippers on a man, a woman, and a plastic hotel key card to find the Mehaz 660 Professional (~$9) were the best combination of quality and affordability.    Read More >
April 2, 2014
The Best Hybrid Bike Trek 7.2 FX
A hybrid bike is great for commuting around a city or even dabbling in triathlons. The Trek 7.2 FX isn't a shocking pick because it's very popular, but it's well-known for a reason. It feels premium without the price tag to match, sporting flat-resistant tires, metal pedals, and solid design.    Read More >
April 1, 2014

* Dyson has issued a recall of its Hot+Cool AM04 and AM05 heaters due to reports of units short-circuiting, overheating, and resulting in some melted or burned internal parts. If you have one of these, you should stop using it immediately, and contact Dyson for a free repair at (866) 297-5303 or go to www.dyson.com and click on "Safety Recall" at the bottom of the page.

March 2014

March 30, 2014
The Best Can Opener Good Grips Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch
After speaking to home cooking pros, researching and testing for nine hours, and opening 54 cans with 17 different can openers, we’ve determined that OXO’s $17 Good Grips Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch is the best one for most people. It locks on to cans, cuts through their lids with ease, and lifts the cut tops off with a magnet. Both our left-handed and right-handed testers found it a pleasure to use. A smoothly spinning knob with a soft-touch finish makes it comfortable as well.    Read More >
March 28, 2014

* See our updated home security guide's test notes section for what we've learned about FrontPoint Interactive since we installed the system six months ago.

March 27, 2014
The Best Tights Wolford Velvet De Luxe 66
If we were to recommend the best tights money can buy, they would be the Wolford Velvet De Luxe 66. We came to this conclusion after considering more than 50 pairs of tights and testing 16, with our top four choices worn by three different-sized women in three different cities during winter of 2014. Yes, they do cost some money ($45)—more than the $15 tights many of us are used to buying. But they’re worth every penny: They’re durable and comfortable, come in a wide range of sizes and colors, don’t sag or have an awkward waistband, and fit all of our testers well.    Read More >
March 26, 2014

* We found a bunch of new grills this year, though none of them can beat our current BBQ and gas grill picks.

March 25, 2014

* Our pruning shears guide now has a section on ratcheting pruners, which can take longer to cut through branches but require less force to use.

March 24, 2014

* Help! We're hiring a Technical Director to maintain and strengthen our tech offering. Know anyone good? [Wirecutter Jobs]

* Best Deals: Our favorite gloves for the BBQ, the US Forge 400 Welding Gloves, are down to their lowest price, $8 (from $12). [Amazon]

March 24, 2014
The Best Paring Knife Victorinox 3¼-inch
When it comes to making quick work of small tasks like mincing a shallot or making perfect orange segments, only a sharp paring knife will do. After over 30 hours of research and testing knives on a variety of fruits and vegetables, we think the Victorinox 3¼-inch paring knife is the best knife for the money. It’s comfortable, sharp, and comes with an agreeable price tag of $8. It’s also a top pick at Cook’s Illustrated and Good Housekeeping, and it's a favorite of culinary professionals throughout the industry.    Read More >
March 22, 2014
The Best LED Lightbulb Cree 9.5 W
The Cree Soft White LED light bulb was the first affordable, high-performing 60-watt-equivalent LED bulb made by a reputable company, so it was a shoo-in for best bulb when it came out. Over the past year, some tough competition has cropped up in the form of the Philips SlimStyle and Switch Infinia. They all generally cost about the same and perform well in most situations, but the Cree is still the best because of its superior dimming capabilities and slightly lower price (for now).    Read More >
March 21, 2014
The Best Soft Cooler NRS Dura Soft
The NRS Dura Soft Infinity Cooler is our pick for best soft cooler because of its great insulation, replaceable liner, and lifetime warranty from a company with a sterling reputation. And if you’re heading to a sporting event--or just plain tired of hauling around heavy coolers--a soft cooler is where it’s at.    Read More >
March 20, 2014

* The Franklin ProSensor 710 costs quite a bit more than our main pick, but it's the most accurate stud finder we've come across.



March 19, 2014
The Best Bike Pump (Floor Standing) Lezyne Steel Floor Drive
If you ride a bike more than a couple times a year, the $44 Lezyne Steel Floor Drive is the floor pump to buy. We reached this conclusion talking to a former bike pump designer, a mechanic who supports riders in the Tour de France, and the world’s preeminent bike repair manual author. We also ran tests on 15 different pumps. Paying just a couple bucks more than the absolute minimum gets you a pump that is extremely easy to use, thanks to what is far and away the simplest and most secure pump head. And because the Lezyne’s wooden handle, steel barrel, and heavy aluminum base are much more durable than bargain-basement pumps, odds are that it’ll last a lot longer.    Read More >
March 18, 2014

* Best Deals: Our favorite dish soap, Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, is down to a great low price of $12 for a 6-pack. [Amazon]

March 14, 2014

* There's a new line of Neato robot vacuums coming in April called BotVac. With a larger dust bin and brush roll, and a new side brush added, we'll have to see if these Neatos are able to surpass our current Roomba pick.

* We have a new club brand laundry detergent pick, Sam's Club Member's Mark Ultimate Clean Liquid. It came in second to our main Tide pick in Consumer Reports' latest cleaning tests and is very budget-friendly if you have a membership.

March 14, 2014
The Best Sewing Kit Merchant & Mills Rapid Repair Kit
Even if you’re all thumbs, it’s nice to know how to sew on a button or fix a ripped hemline as a general life skill. For this, you need a basic (but good!) sewing kit, and we highly recommend the Merchant & Mills Rapid Repair Kit ($25).    Read More >
March 10, 2014
The Best Label Maker Epson LW-300
After talking label maker pros and cons with three professional organizers, conducting nearly 50 hours of research and playing with six different models of label makers, we picked the $40 Epson LW-300 because it allowed us to kick out clean labels with the least amount of fuss. It was comfortable to hold, featured easy-to-type-on QWERTY keys, and was always intuitive to use, even when typing really complicated labels involving symbols, punctuation, and multiple font styles.    Read More >
March 6, 2014

* Best Deals: Our favorite step-up portable vacuum, the Dyson DC44 Animal, has dropped to a great low price, $300 (from $400). [Amazon]

March 5, 2014
The Best Cheap Vacuum Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352
If “clean enough” is good enough, the vacuum to get is the $160 Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 (also at Best Buy). This bagless upright vacuum is a capable cleaner on carpets, bare floors, furniture, stairs, and ceilings alike, and should run well for a few years without too much maintenance. While this Shark won’t clean as deeply or last as long as a high-end vacuum, you get about 85% of the performance for 40% of the price.    Read More >
March 4, 2014

* We found a great alternative electric toothbrush pick, the Oral-B Deep Sweep Triaction 1000, for those who like the plaque-removal ability of an electric, but want something that feels more like a manual toothbrush.

March 3, 2014

* We know it's hard for most of you to even think about needing a cooler right now. But for those planning ahead/dreaming of spring, check out our updated hard coolers guide with new runner-up pick, the Igloo MaxCold Ultra 70.

March 3, 2014
The Best Utility Knife Milwaukee Fastback II
If you’re looking for a utility knife for general around-the-house use, we recommend the Milwaukee Fastback II ($15). After 25 hours of research and hands-on testing of 20 different knives, we found that, simply put, this knife has it all. It can be easily (and quickly) opened and closed with one hand. It has a comfortable grip with all the right contours and finger notches. Changing blades is easy and it has a nice, springy belt hook. For increased safety, the knife locks in both the open and closed position. And finally, despite its thin profile, it still has room to store one additional blade.    Read More >

February 2014

February 26, 2014
The Best Steak Knife Set Victorinox Rosewood Straight-Edge Steak Knives (Set of 6)
Whether you’re serving a fine Ribeye, humble flank steak, or even a thick-cut pork chop, you need sharp steak knives. And, really, nice meat deserves nice knives. After 28 hours of research, testing, and interviewing professional chefs and knife experts, we think the Victorinox Rosewood Straight Edge Steak Knife Set ($130 for 6) is the set you want. The knives cut beautifully, they’re well balanced, and they come at a reasonable price. They’re also nice enough to complement a formal table setting—but not so fancy that you wouldn’t want to use them on a weeknight.    Read More >
February 24, 2014

* We tested Ikea's Bumerang hangers because so many readers asked us to, but found them to be inferior to our main pick.

February 23, 2014
The Best Comforter L.L.Bean’s Baffle-Box Stitch Down Comforter
After more than 40 hours' research and testing 21 comforters, we’ve found L.L.Bean’s Baffle-Box Stitch Down Comforter to be the best of the bunch. Pricing starts at $209 for a twin and runs up to $359 for a king and includes a lifelong warranty. Any comforter will keep you warm so long as it’s thick enough. What sets the L.L.Bean apart is that it can do so while remaining super breathable and lightweight, unlike others, which left us sweaty in the middle of the night. That means you’ll stay toasty in the covers without waking up in a puddle of sweat. Our main testers in San Francisco and New York City independently decided that this is the one they’d keep on their own beds.    Read More >
February 20, 2014
Gear to help you dig out–and keep warm–this winter
There’s another polar vortex in next week’s forecast. Stay warm and be prepared with this list of winter gear, including our picks for best snow shovel, touchscreen gloves, and our upcoming pick for best comforter.
February 20, 2014

* In our best hangers guide, we shifted our pick for winter coats to Mawa and added the Mawa hangers as a budget pick for suits.

February 20, 2014
The Best Slippers Haflinger AT
We recommend the $89 Haflinger AT slippers for keeping your feet warm and sweat-free when it’s cold out. We spent more than 30 hours researching and tested 12 slippers hands-on (or rather, feet-on), and we found the Haflingers had the best combination of comfort, warmth, and moisture wicking compared to top competitors. And they get better and better the more you wear them in. Made of boiled wool, they’re soft but not stifling, super comfy, easy to keep clean, and, thanks to their latex hardsole, you can wear them for a quick jaunt outside to the corner store or the mailbox.    Read More >
February 18, 2014

* Best Deals: Our step-up pick for the best clothes iron, the Rowenta Focus, has dropped to $65, its second lowest price ever. [Amazon]

* We tested the Venta LW25 Airwasher and found that it was a good performer. But its $300 price and higher noise profile meant that it's not the best for most. [Best Humidifier]

February 17, 2014
The Best Hangers Basic Natural Wood Hangers
The best hanger you can buy is The Container Store’s Basic Natural Wood Hangers. They’re available in three styles that will cover almost every piece of clothing you own. Each one is wide and thick enough to be durable and versatile, and the build prevents unsightly creases and tears. At $1.25 a piece, they’re not too expensive to stock your whole closet.    Read More >
February 13, 2014

* Best Deals: Our favorite digital scale, the OXO Good Grips Food Scale, has dropped in price for the first time in a long time to $43 (from $50). [Amazon]

February 12, 2014

* It costs a little more than our main pick, but there's much to like about OXO's new Double Lever Waiter's Corkscrew, which we added to our Best Corkscrew guide.

February 11, 2014

* Best Deals: Our favorite robot vacuum cleaner, the Roomba 650, is down to its 2nd lowest price, $350 (from $390). [Amazon]

February 11, 2014
The Best Dish Soap Seventh Generation Dish Liquid
Dishwashing liquid, the kind you squirt into your sink to do dishes by hand, is something that most of us have in our kitchens. After over 60 hours of research we think Seventh Generation Dish Liquid is the one you want. Out of the 20 different hand dishwashing detergents we lab tested, it has the best combination of cleaning power, safety, price, and social responsibility. It also smells good if that’s your thing and comes unscented if it isn’t.    Read More >
February 9, 2014
The Right Vase for the Right Valentine’s Day Flowers
Ah, Valentines Day! The perfect day to give your sweetheart flowers—and a vase to go along with them. There’s a good chance your best beloved doesn’t own a vase that will properly support the flowers you lovingly purchased at the Quickie-Mart, you thoughtful Casanova. Here at The Sweethome, we’d like to help you spend Valentine’s Day in a warm embrace, not in a sad attempt to stuff twelve long-stem roses into an empty two-liter Mountain Dew bottle from the recycling bin. Here’s how to buy the right vase for your Valentine’s Day flowers.    Read More >
February 7, 2014

* Best Deals: Our favorite comforter, L.L. Bean's Baffle-Box Stitch Down Comforter, is 20% off in all sizes ($167 from $209 for a Twin, $287 from $359 for a King). [L.L. Bean]

* Best Deals: Our favorite bed sheets, L.L. Bean's Pima Cotton Percale sheets, are now 20% off for any size and color. [L.L. Bean]

February 7, 2014
The Best Boxed Chocolates Christopher Elbow Assorted Chocolates (20-piece heart)
If you’re looking for a delicious box of high-quality chocolates to give to your one-and-only this Valentine’s Day (or any other holiday, for that matter), we recommend Christopher Elbow Assorted Chocolates ($40 for a 20-piece heart). In a tasting against ten other filled chocolates, six out of nine blind taste testers placed this collection in their top three. These chocolates are not only fresh and made of high-quality ingredients; they are each a visual work of art, which makes them a perfect gift. Or, if you’re more the bar type, take a look at our guide to the best chocolate bar.    Read More >
February 6, 2014

* Best Deals: Our favorite budget knife set, the Victorinox 4-Piece, is at a great low price, $64 (down from $85). [Amazon]

February 6, 2014
The Best Champagne Glass Schott Zwiesel Vinao
After interviewing several Champagne educators, it turns out the best thing to drink Champagne out of is a wine glass. But there’s a lot of fine print to that statement, and if you don’t traditionally spend $40 or more on a bottle of Champagne to drink at home, a flute will still do the job nicely. And for some people, it has that elegant look that differs from that of a wine glass. After culling the ranks of more than 30 brands, the $13 Schott Zwiesel Vinao Champagne glass was my favorite due largely to its balance of aesthetics and durability. A more traditionally flute-shaped option that I also found to be a good value was the Viv Sparkling Wine glass from Crate & Barrel.    Read More >
February 5, 2014
The Best Robot Vacuum iRobot Roomba 650
The best robot vacuum for most people is the $400 iRobot Roomba 650. It’s easy to use, works on bare floors and carpets alike, and leaves out the unnecessary features that drive up the price on most bots. And when something goes wrong (an inevitability over time) a fully modular and easy-to-service design means you can repair rather than replace.    Read More >
February 3, 2014
The Best Wine Glass Riedel Ouverture Magnum
If you’re looking for a workhorse wine glass for everyday use, able to showcase both red and white wine, we recommend the Riedel Ouverture Magnum (also available on Zappos), which is reliable, versatile, and highly regarded by wine experts. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant, but less versatile, we like the Nachtmann Vivendi Bordeaux Glass.    Read More >
February 1, 2014
Gear to help you dig out–and keep warm–this winter
You’re cold. We’re cold. Everyone you know is cold. Vermont’s a frozen tundra; Atlanta’s one big sheet of ice. And let’s not even talk about Canada this time of year. It’s not over yet, but don’t worry, we’re here to keep you warm, dry, and sane all winter long.   Read More >