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Because we think we can make a small difference by being picky, here are some great deals on solid pieces of gear.

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Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Glasses 6-Pack

Street Price: $18 MSRP: $20 Deal Price: $14

Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Glasses 6-Pack
Only about a dollar more than the best price we've seen.
Only a dollar more than the best price we’ve seen, these drinking glasses are available for a great price. They tend to stay in the $18 range, dipping to $15 from time to time. The $12.60 sale happened just before Black Friday and was only available for a day before they jumped back to $18 and stayed there until this sale.

The Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar is our runner-up pick for the best drinking glass. Eve O’Neill said, “The Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar glasses survived all but the most extreme of our drop tests and they are lightweight, dishwasher-safe, and extremely compact when stacked. In fact, they were our former top pick, but over time we’ve come to notice how important the extra attention to detail is on the Picardie.”

She wrote some more about their durability, “Of the four glasses that survived the most extreme drop, two of them were from Bormioli. So if you have finished concrete floors in your house and bump this off a table, there’s a good chance it’ll survive.”


KitchenAid KEK1722SX 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle

Street Price: $95 MSRP: $100 Deal Price: $80

KitchenAid KEK1722SX 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle
While not the best price we've seen, it's a good drop from recent prices.
Update 2: This deal is now only available on the white model.

We’ve had this kettle up at $75 before but that expired after a couple days. While there was a period of time where the $80 price stuck around for a couple weeks, that was over 6 months ago and it typically sits at $95 now. This price is only available on the white color.

The KitchenAid KEK1722SX is the runner-up pick in our guide on the best electric kettle. Tim Barribeau and Winnie Yang said, “On paper, it looks on par with the Cuisinart—it has six preset temperature settings for different types of tea, a Hold Temp button to keep water warm, a stainless steel body, and a bright, easy-to-read display.”

They added, “Perhaps the single most annoying feature of the KitchenAid kettle is the beeping … the volume and quality weren’t what bothered me — the frequency was the problem. It beeps when you turn it on, when you press buttons, when you start heating, when it reaches the selected temperature (which warrants three beeps), and when you replace the kettle on the base. It’s a gratuitous amount of beeping.


Lodge Color Enamel 6-Quart Dutch Oven

Street Price: $60 MSRP: $118 Deal Price: $48

Top Pick
Lodge Color Enamel 6-Quart Dutch Oven
A great price on our dutch oven pick!
This matches the best price we’ve seen this year on this dutch oven, though if you could shoot back in time about 2 years, it was briefly about $10 cheaper. It spent most of the year at $60, bouncing up often to $70, with only a couple brief dips down to this $48 mark. This particular price is only available on the Island Spice Red color.

The Lodge Color Enamel 6-Quart Dutch Oven  is our pick for the best dutch oven. Kevin Purdy and Ray Aguilera wrote, “With big handles and a durable design, this Dutch oven aced every test, rivaling models four times the price.”

They had some more to say about the value of this model, ” We really did want to find some major, life-changing, mouth-watering difference between the Lodge and pricier pots, like the Le Creuset and Staub, especially since we’re talking about a difference of $200. In testing, though, we found all of the Dutch ovens performed about equally. They all heated evenly and nicely browned onions. Even after intentionally overcooking the rice, none of the ovens scorched the rice, and the heavy lids retained enough moisture to keep the grains from drying out. For most people, the $75 (or less, depending on color) Lodge cooks just as well.”


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