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How many times have we heard from our readers, “There should be a Wirecutter for everything!”? Whether it’s babies, travel, pets, workout gear, home improvement, office furniture, or something else entirely, there’s a hunger for clear, trustworthy recommendations on the big and little things that fit into every part of our daily lives.

Since The Wirecutter was founded in 2011 and The Sweethome in 2013, we haven’t wavered from our mission to help people effortlessly choose and buy the stuff they need in order to live a better life. Until today, we’ve carried out that mission on two separate sites primarily covering tech and home.

That is changing soon. As we’ve grown over the last few years, we have expanded our coverage to encompass things beyond TVs, laptops, printers, headphones, and appliances. We’ve been feverishly adding coverage of outdoor gear, smart-home devices, furniture, and stuff for parents (of both children and pets)—the list goes on and on, and much of it blurs the line between our tech and home coverage.

That’s why, in October, we are retiring the names The Wirecutter and The Sweethome and launching a unified website in their place to be the definitive review source for our readers: Wirecutter.

With The New York Times Company powering our efforts, we realized that the best way to help our readers is to combine all of our coverage into a single site so they can find high-quality reviews of the things they need. We don’t want you to have to think about which site to go to in order to find running gear, or waste time wondering where to find our recommendations for learning and STEM toys.

For fans of The Sweethome, worry not. Existing guides that you’ve come to know won’t be going away—they will eventually be migrated over to the new Wirecutter later this year, and we’ll keep adding to the collection.

What differentiates Wirecutter from other review sites is the rigor of our review process, the transparency we provide to our readers about that process, and our reader-centric, useful approach to recommendations. The most important thing to us is not to only practice those values when it comes to home and tech, but to hit those values consistently no matter what topic our crack team of researchers, testers, reporters, and just plain curious staffers put their minds to.

And, indeed, there should be a Wirecutter for everything!

Jacqui Cheng, Editor-in-Chief
Mike Berk, Executive Editor
Dan Koeppel, Executive Editor
Ganda Suthivarakom, Executive Editor

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