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If you think choosing a laptop or a phone is hard, just try choosing a bath towel. That’s why we’ve spun out the Home section on The Wirecutter into its own site: welcome to The Sweethome.

About 6 months ago I mapped out a list of about 250 guide ideas for The Sweethome. Joel Johnson, the launch editor for the project, took a handful of carefully chosen writers and started hashing them out. Here are the first of many that we intend to roll out and maintain carefully for as long as you will read and use them.

Like The Wirecutter, The Sweethome eschews the modern web publication’s strategy of high volume; we prefer fewer pieces—constructed carefully, mindfully, and around heavily-researched opinions. Like The Wirecutter, all our work is based on research from the best sources (like Consumer Reports, America’s Test Kitchen and Good Housekeeping, among many great test pubs like and specialist niche indexes such as Sleep Like The Dead), interviews with subject-matter experts and our own tests. But unlike The Wirecutter, a lot of the territory is untrodden and we’ll have to figure out a lot of the science and testing procedures to get the right answers. That’s why we are partnering our reporters, who are committed to spending dozens of hours to find the right answers, with scientists, researchers, pharmacists and other beat experts who will elevate the authority of our work.

Thank you for reading our site today and supporting our work. I hope it serves you well.

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